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Pentel's Vistage water brushes are our secret weapon when working with water-based media like watercolor, ink, and gouache. Unscrew the reservoir and fill it with water. Screw the pen back together and squeeze; water quickly saturates the synthetic brush tip. The water will flow automatically while you paint, keeping the brush wet, and you can squeeze the barrel for extra flow.

Use Vistage with your travel set of watercolors, as an easy-cleaning brush for mixing colors with water-soluble paint, and as a handy companion to your fountain pen for quick, dynamic sketches. Just draw with almost any fountain pen ink, then go over your work with the Vistage to blend the ink and create shading wherever you want it.

This is the Vistage with medium tip, a great all-around size for most watercolorists and sketchers. Made in Japan.

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