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Princeton Brush

Neptune watercolor travel brushes

About This Product

As useful at a crowded desk as they are on the road, Princeton Neptune metal travel brushes protect the shape of the bristles and fold up to fit into pockets and paint sets. These brushes feature Princeton's advanced synthetic squirrel hair, an incredibly soft and absorbent fiber that's very similar to genuine squirrel in working characteristics and feel. But they're easier to clean than natural hair and they hold their shape better than many real squirrel brushes. That makes Neptune an excellent choice for artists working in watercolor, gouache, or ink.

Each size (we carry #4, #6, #8, and #10 Round) is sold individually, or you can choose the set of three for maximum versatility.

Neptune travel brushes are made in Germany.

Want a travel brush that's a little less soft and a little more precise for detail work? Check out Princeton Aqua Elite travel brushes. We like to pair Neptune with Aqua Elite, using Neptune for soft, dreamy strokes and Aqua Elite for sharp lines and details.

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