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Traveler's Notebook Starter Set, Passport Size, Black

Traveler's Company

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Traveler's Notebook, created by Japanese stationery manufacturer Midori in 2006, is a unique, fully customizable system for journaling, sketching, working, and planning. This starter set comes with a hand-cut leather cover, an insert with blank MD Paper (the world's most versatile paper for writing and drawing), and a spare elastic band in red. You get to choose whether to use the understated black band that's built-in or swap it for a pop of color.

This is a Passport Size Traveler's Notebook, approximately 4.5" x 6" in its cover. Refills for this notebook measure 3.5" x 4.9" (124 x 89 mm). The black leather cover will wear in over time and develop a unique character from the way you use and store it.

With dozens of accessories and options, there are infinite possibilities for your Traveler's Notebook. Check out our selection of Passport Size refills. Use Traveler's #011 Connecting Bands to insert up to 4 refills and accessories at a time.

The Passport Size starter set also comes in blue, camel, and brown.