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We have always loved Mitsubishi's graphite pencils, like Hi-Uni and the workday classic Mitsubishi 9850. So we're very excited to be the first U.S. retailer to offer Uni Watercolor Pencils, the artist-grade line of water-soluble colored pencils from the world's best cedar pencil manufacturer.

Uni Watercolor Pencils are made to the same high standards as Mitsubishi's beloved graphite pencils, with a gorgeous incense cedar body (you can tell from the grain, reddish color, and cedar aroma) and a soft, vibrant core that wets and blends easily. With strong pressure and lots of water, you can make richly saturated areas, and with a lighter touch, you can achieve very light and subtle shading.

We especially like how these watercolor pencils sharpen, with a strong and fine point that's only possible in a high-quality pencil. The core is precisely centered in the cedar, which reduces breakage and allows more of the creamy, pigmented center to be exposed by sharpening.

Each set of Uni Watercolor Pencils comes with a surprisingly nice watercolor brush, made from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers that absorb lots of water and offer a luscious, soft touch that suits these pencils perfectly.

The set of 24 includes #801 White, #805 Lemon Yellow, #807 Lemon, #808 Canary Yellow, #813 Light Orange, #815 Dark Orange, #821 Pale Geranium Lake, #824 Rose Carmine, #826 Dark Carmine, #844 Light Cobalt Blue, #847 Light Blue, #851 Prussian Blue, #852 Dark Phthalo Blue, #855 Night Green, #867 Sap Green, #868 Moss Green, #870 Apple Green, #875 Dark Sepia, #876 Van Dyke Brown, #883 Gold Ochre, #887 Burnt Ochre, #890 Venetian Red, #891 Pompeiian Red, and #899 Black. The brush in this set is a size 8 round. It's all packed in a sturdy metal tin for storage.

Also available in sets of 12 and 36.

Made in Japan.

About Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.:

Founded in the 19th century in Tokyo, Mitsubishi Pencil has been one of the world's leading pen and pencil manufacturers for generations. Well-known around the world for their Uni brand of pens and pencils, Mitsubishi continues to innovate and release new products, like POSCA paint markers and an ever-expanding lineup of writing pens.

Fun fact: "Mitsubishi" means "three diamonds," and the name and three-diamond mark of Mitsubishi Pencil predates the better-known Mitsubishi Group by ten years. Despite sharing the same name and symbol, Mitsubishi Pencil is not related to any of the numerous other Mitsubishi companies in Japan.

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