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Le Voyageur Travel Brush Set

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About This Product

Raphaël's Le Voyageur Travel Brush set is the ultimate brush kit for the roving watercolor artist. Made by Europe's oldest fine art brush manufacturer, Le Voyageur is a collection of metal-capped, collapsible brushes with high-end synthetic fibers that handle beautifully, wash easily, and hold their shape for adventure after adventure. Presented in a foil-stamped gift box and paired with a vegan leather wallet with a strong clip on the back, Le Voyageur is a complete solution for painting on the go and a very thoughtful gift for anyone who uses watercolor.

The brushes included are the Pointed Quill Mop and Round #6 from Raphaël's Softaqua synthetic squirrel series and the Round #0 from their Precision synthetic sable series. Thanks to Raphaël's innovative research team and their hundreds of years of experience in brushmaking, these vegan fibers perform every bit as well as the animal hair options they replace.

The Softaqua brushes feature wavy, ultra-soft bristles that hold an impressive amount of color and allow for expressive strokes that seamlessly shift from thin to thick. They're perfect for washes and organic shapes. And the Precision brush is your go-to for detail, with a springy, firm feel that's designed to help you create the perfect line.

All three brushes close into their handles for transport. That means you can toss Le Voyageur brushes in your backpack or watercolor kit and head out. Don't worry, your brush will be in perfect condition when you arrive. (Pro tip: get your travel brush wet and shape the tip with your fingers before closing it. That way, you won't bend the hairs out of place.)

As you'd expect from a legendary French manufacturer, Raphaël has given the Le Voyageur series an excellent fit and finish. The advanced fiber tips are firmly secured inside the ferrule, so you won't see stray hairs in your watercolor even with strong scrubbing. The metal handles are perfectly machined to fit straight when extended and slide together smoothly when collapsed. Finally, the Raphaël name is stamped in gold foil on the natural wood part of the handles.

Made in France.

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About Raphaël:

Founded in Paris in 1793, Raphaël is the oldest fine art brush maker in Europe. Following the time honored tradition of master and apprentice, the highly skilled craftswomen of Raphaël must train for years before they are ready to produce a Raphaël brush. The finest hairs and bristles are imported from all over the world and hand-sorted to ensure the highest quality.