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Akademie Watercolors, Signature Set of 20

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Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

Akademie Signature Set of 20

Inside this unique, capsule-shaped watercolor box, you'll find 20 colors of Schmincke Akademie Watercolors, including a special-edition color just for this release—a gorgeous teal hue that mimics the expensive and popular Cobalt Turquoise with a blend of two non-toxic pigments (Phthalo Green and Phthalo Blue.)

The colors in this set are bright, easily reactivated with water, and capable of very saturated or very pale tones, depending on the dilution. As you would expect from Schmincke, the Akademie watercolor medium is very well-behaved and easy to use. The colors are strongly pigmented and readily mixable. Toxic and expensive pigments have been omitted, but Schmincke's manufacturing quality has not been compromised—which makes this set of 20 colors an incredible value.

The outside of the Signature Set is printed with the iconic Schmincke name in white over a deep blue background. A strong latch holds the box shut. Inside, there's ample mixing space: both the inside of the lid and the two fold-out mixing trays mounted on either side. It's a sturdy, practical set that's perfect for tossing into a backpack and taking on your next trip.

The colors included are 222 Light Lemon Yellow, 224 Cadmium Yellow Hue, 225 Indian Yellow, 330 Orange, 332 Cadmium Red Hue, 333 Carmine, 336 Magenta, 440 Violet, 443 Ultramarine Blue, 445 Prussian Blue, 448 Cyan, special-edition Teal, 551 Emerald Green, 553 Permanent Green, 552 May Green, 554 Olive Green Yellowish, 660 Yellow Ochre, 666 English Red, 664 Burnt Umber, and 782 Black.

Made in Germany.

About Schmincke Akademie Watercolors:

For its entire 140-year history, the Schmincke brand has meant the finest colors for artists, made to professional standards and used by the most demanding painters. On each package, the blue Schmincke owl holds a banner that reads "I strive for the best" in Latin. So you won't be surprised to hear that the company was hesitant to produce a more affordable watercolor for art students and beginners. It would have to appeal to artists on a budget but still adhere to the basic standards of the historic German color house.

Akademie Aquarell is Schmincke's answer to this challenge, and we recommend it strongly to any watercolorist who isn't ready to invest in a set of Horadam paints. It is the best student-grade watercolor we have ever carried; frankly, it outperforms many paints that call themselves artist grade. The colors are clear and vibrant, and it's easy to make mixed colors that are just as beautiful. A majority of Akademie colors are single-pigment, and the multi-pigment colors are carefully chosen to allow further mixing without muddiness. Intense, high-chroma colors are included alongside rich, organic earth colors, so you can make paintings in any style with Akademie.