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Gansai Tambi Watercolors, Art Nouveau Set of 24


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About This Product

Gansai Tambi watercolors are one of our longtime favorites, and this new Art Nouveau-inspired set of 24 shows off what's great about these paints. Gansai Tambi are thick and creamy, with a semi-opaque, satin finish. It's a unique type of watercolor that's somewhere between Western-style transparent watercolor and opaque gouache. Thin Gansai Tambi with water, and you can make subtle washes, but apply it thickly and you can create sharp lines and dramatic, saturated shapes.

The new Art Nouveau set adds a wonderful selection of muted colors to the Gansai Tambi lineup, plus a few surprising brights that complement them perfectly. Here's the full list of colors:

    Row 1: 404 Saffron Yellow, 405 Green Gold, 401 Flax Beige, 16 Ecru Beige
    Row 2: 18 Pale Pink, 17 Coral Pink, 19 Potter's Pink, 302 Vermilion
    Row 3: 304 Alizarin Crimson, 303 Mauve Taupe, 301 Old Mauve, 601 Grayish Blue
    Row 4: 602 Cobalt Turquoise Light, 15 Pale Aqua, 503 Cobalt Green, 502 Billiard Green
    Row 5: 506 Shadow Green, 501 Pea Green, 505 Ivy Green, 504 Green Gray
    Row 6: 406 Beige Gray, 49 Yellow Brown, 402 Mars Yellow, 403 Venetian Red

    Made in Japan. Presented in a moss-green paper box with gold foil stamp.