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Micron PN Flexible Nib Pigment Pens

About This Product

The classic Sakura Micron fineliner has always been popular beyond its intended use as a technical drawing tool. The dependable ink and easy-to-use tip has brought Micron pens into offices and schools, where people often use them for writing.

Micron PN is a new version of the classic Micron with everyday, non-technical use in mind. The felt tip has been replaced with a porous plastic nib (hence, P.N.) that varies in line width from 0.3 mm to 0.6 mm, depending on how hard you press. That makes Micron PN a more expressive tool for handwriting and sketching, and it makes the nib more durable.

Each Sakura Micron is filled with Pigma micro-pigment ink—fadeproof, archival, quick-drying, and waterproof. Using pigment ink means you can add water-soluble media like watercolor and gouache to your line drawings without bleeding or mixing.

Made in Japan.

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