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AQUA Modeling Paste, 100 mL, Coarse

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About This Product

Schmincke AQUA Modeling Paste is a texture medium for watercolors and water-based pigment inks. It's capable of effects normally associated with acrylics, but with the special beauty and versatile working characteristics of watercolor.

Using AQUA Modeling Paste is pretty simple. Dip a palette knife into the jar and put a glob of paste on your palette. Add color—and here you can be really creative, mixing with Schmincke Horadam watercolors, other brands of traditional watercolor you may have in the studio, or concentrated pigment paste. You can alter the texture with a few drops of water, and you can create interesting wet-on-wet effects by soaking your paper in advance. For watercolor and ink artists, the possibilities are endless.

This is AQUA Modeling Paste with coarse texture. With the consistency and grit of white mortar, it holds brush and knife strokes and creates a sand-textured surface. You can achieve stiff peaks and complex shadows, enabling new creative effects for watercolor painting.

100 mL jar. Made in Germany.

Also available in fine texture.