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Teranishi Guitar Fountain Pen, Black


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About This Product

Thanks to Teranishi's ongoing reboot of its original Guitar Brand inks (first introduced in 1913), we've already seen gorgeous colors from the Taisho period and modern, transparent colors in perfect little vials. So it only makes sense that the brand should have its own fountain pen, too! The new Guitar Fountain Pen is an affordable, highly versatile rival to other sub-$30 pens like Pilot Metropolitan and Kaweco Sport. We weren't sure what to expect, since Teranishi has no other fountain pens on the market, but our tests revealed a pen that writes reliably, moves easily, and feels weightier and more refined than its price tag suggests.

We really enjoyed writing with Guitar Fountain Pen, which is distinguished from many of its competitors by a matte-finish metal body and a sturdy metal clip. The nib, a European size F, writes between 0.4 and 0.7 mm depending on pressure and features a pleasantly springy feel. The snap-on cap is quick to remove, so this pen is a good choice for people who need to open and close their pen frequently (like us, when we're taking notes in the warehouse.)

Each Guitar Fountain Pen comes with our free alignment and smoothing service. One of our experts will examine your nib under magnification, correct any alignment issues, and smooth any irregularities in the writing surface. We include this service with every fountain pen over $25, so you have peace of mind when ordering a pen from us.

Please note that ink is not included! Teranishi has included a converter for bottled ink with this pen—a rare perk for an inexpensive pen—but the company does not make plastic cartridges, so there isn't one in the box. Pair your Guitar Fountain Pen with any bottled fountain pen ink.

Presented in a slide-out black gift box. The Guitar Brand logo is foil-stamped on the box and etched into the top of the cap.