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Horadam Watercolors, Limited Edition YInMn Blue (2023)

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About This Product

YInMn Blue (named because it contains Yttrium, Indium, and Manganese) is the first new inorganic blue pigment in over 200 years, and the first genuine single-pigment alternative to Cobalt Blue. Discovered accidentally by materials scientists at Oregon State University, YInMn Blue is a deep, stable, opaque blue that will surely become an important artist's pigment in the years to come.

Why is YInMn Blue so special? It exists in color space between ultramarine (warm blue) and phthalo blue (cool blue). The only similar pigment is cobalt blue, but YInMn Blue is more opaque, less toxic, and much more brilliant. We think it's the ultimate primary blue, and the comparison with multi-pigment primaries mixed from ultramarine and phthalo couldn't be more stark. While mixed primary blues are often muddy and unimpressive, YInMn Blue provides a single-pigment primary that's clear and distinctive.

This remarkable new discovery has only just begun to be commercially manufactured. YInMn Blue exists only in small quantities, and YInMn Blue paints have been made only in limited editions by various color houses. We first offered a Schmincke Horadam YInMn Blue back in 2021, but that first batch sold out quickly and we haven't had any YInMn since.

Like all Horadam watercolor, this YInMn Blue watercolor is smooth, easily mixable and brushable, and highly pigmented. YinMn Blue is extremely lightfast, so this color carries Schmincke's highest rating for permanence.

Packaged in a 5 mL metal tube. Made in Germany. Available while supplies last.