Free Shipping Over $59

Free Shipping Over $59

Gift Guide 2023

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How To Buy A Better Gift

Finding great gifts isn't easy in 2023. AI-written descriptions, identical-looking "dupes" of popular products, and anonymous Amazon sellers have made the holiday shopping season into a minefield.

To buy a better gift, buy it from real people. You don't have to buy it here. Choose a retailer with a physical address and their own product photography. Choose a manufacturer that actually makes things and doesn't just order them from cheap contractors. These signals are how you can tell the real from the fake.

The eight real people at St. Louis Art Supply are here to make it easier for you. We test and photograph every product, and we ship every package with care from our own warehouse. What you see is what you get.

Quick Picks Under $75

Looking for something simple? Here are 12 fantastic, in-stock gifts under $75. We're updating this list throughout the holiday season, since some things will sell out and new items are always arriving.

We'll Make It Special

Quick Shipping

In-stock items ship on the next business day. Average transit time: 2.5 days.

Exclusive Imports

From Tintoretto brushes to Nichiban tape, we carry things you won't find elsewhere.

Experimental Selections

For the person who's always trying new things, our Experimental Selections are new media and remarkable, unfamiliar tools to enliven the artistic process.

Quality over quantity. The Big Gift might replace a few small gifts, but it's the one they'll remember for years to come. These are some of our finest tools for artists and writers—perfect for the most important creative person in your life.

Shop By Price

Gifts Under $25

Watercolor sets, painting palettes, vintage pens, and lots and lots of paper products. Our gifts under $25 are anything but cheap.

Gifts Under $50

For less than $50 in our shop, you can buy something really special: a five-year diary, a big set of artist pencils, or most of our fountain pen selection

Gifts Under $100

For $50 - $100, you can get someone started on a whole new medium. Watercolor sets, writing systems, and our own Optimist Mixable Color are on the menu