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Montana Empty Paint Markers


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About This Product

Montana Empty Paint Markers

These empty markers are the same outstanding bodies used in the Montana Acrylic Paint Marker line, but without any paint inside. So you can mix your own colors with Montana refills, fill them with another high-flow acrylic paint, or experiment with different inks and water-based paints. The tips are replaceable, so you can always switch to a new color by washing out the marker and replacing the tip.

For more information, download the Montana Acrylic Catalog [PDF].

Available in 0.7 mm extra fine, 2 mm rounded fine, 15 mm, 30 mm, and 50 mm flat. Sold individually. Made in Japan.

About Montana Acrylic Paint Markers

Montana Acrylic Paint Markers are the all-purpose, water-based, non-toxic, very permanent pens loved by artists around the world. Unlike other permanent paint markers, Montana Acrylic is certified non-toxic. Montana acrylic paint contains no solvent, emits no fumes, and still dries to a waterproof finish. It can be mixed and used with other acrylic paints, on pretty much any surface, for purposes from fine art to hand-lettering to decoration and customization.

The markers themselves are top-quality, with tips that don't easily fray and a reliable pump-action mechanism that allows a variety of different inks and paints to flow through. Montana (a German company) actually makes this product line in Japan, because that's where the world's best marker factories are located.

Basically, yes, Montana Acrylic is likely the right marker for your project. It's available in a variety of sizes: Extra Fine (0.7 mm), Fine (2 mm), Standard (15 mm), and select colors with extra-broad 30 mm and 50 mm tips. All the markers feature replaceable tips and refillable tanks, and we stock every color of refill paint. Empty markers are also available, so you can make your own mixes or fill them with other inks and paints.

Shop all the sizes, shapes, refills, sets, and replacement parts for Montana Acrylic Paint Markers.

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