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Setola Extra Long-Handled Bristle Brushes, Series 295 (Filbert)


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About This Product

The classical choice for serious painters—Tintoretto Setola Extra long-handled bristle brushes offer an excellent balance between strength and control. The stiff, natural bristles can handle any viscosity, from thinned preliminary coats to thick impasto. But unlike other bristle brushes, Setola Extra fibers have thinner and more uniform tips, handmade to give you clean lines even with thick colors.

Each Tintoretto brush is handmade by skilled brushmakers in Tuscany, drawing on decades of experience and the rich tradition of Italian brush manufacturing. The thoughtful and precise execution of the brush's shape is the hallmark of artisan brushmaking, and it simply can can't be duplicated by less labor-intensive techniques. You'll notice the difference in precision and durability as you paint with Tintoretto.

Series 295 Filberts have long wooden handles with an understated clear lacquer finish and black lacquer dip at the end. Sold individually—please reference our scale photograph to choose your size.