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About This Product

Thinner, more flexible, and even lower-tack than our bestselling Nichiban #251 Artist Tape, the new Nichiban 2570 will be a valuable tool in every artist's studio. Suitable for masking all kinds of paint on even your most expensive cotton papers, with a very easy release and sharp masked lines.

Compared with Nichiban #251, this tape is a bit trickier to lay down because it is so thin and pliable. Additionally, because it's very low-tack, Nichiban 2570 loses much of its adhesion after the first use, so it's not as good for repositioning. However, our tests revealed that #2570 was superior on delicate and irregular surfaces, like rough cotton watercolor paper. It's also purple, which is easier to see against white paper.

Each roll of #2570 is 18 meters long by 18mm wide. That's plenty of tape for numerous projects, and much more than you get with a standard roll of washi tape.

Made in Japan.