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Schmincke Horadam Watercolors, Retro Jewel Box Set (Limited Edition)

List Price: $107.50

Our Price: $87.95

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About This Product

Horadam Retro Jewel Box Set of 8

This special eight-color set of Schmincke Horadam watercolors is presented in our very favorite kind of watercolor box: a miniature "jewel box" that holds up to 12 standard half pans in an incredibly compact travel case. A finger loop on the back helps keep the palette stable while you work, and the faceted lid opens out to reveal an enameled mixing area.

This lovely little watercolor box is part of the Schmincke Retro Line, and you'll notice several design touches that date back to the company's 19th-century founding. The original H. Schmincke & Co. wordmark, with hand-drawn lettering in classic German style, is printed in gold on the front edge of the box. Inside, you'll find a selection of eight original Horadam colors, each wrapped in a retro label with vintage Schmincke typography and design.

The colors included are Vermilion, English-Venetian Red, Yellow Raw Ochre, Chrome Yellow Hue, Viridian, Ultramarine Finest, Schmincke Payne's Grey, and Raw Umber. Simply remove the guiderails to release the half-pans; you can also add four more half pans in the empty center row if you'd like.

Presented in a Schmincke Retro box with the original owl logo and vintage detailing. Made in Germany.

About Schmincke Retro Line:

Say hello to Schmincke Retro. As art-supply history buffs, we're delighted to offer Schmincke's collection of retro items with the original Schmincke branding. Retro Line products include vintage color selections and unique set designs that celebrate the distinguished, nearly 150-year history of H. Schmincke & Co.

Retro Line products are new for 2024, and they'll only be manufactured this year.