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Kneaded erasers are good for tasks harder erasers can't handle, like wiping up charcoal, pastel, and colored pencil. They can be molded into any shape and rubbed gently against the paper to create lighter values within dark areas. And they clean themselves; just stretch and knead the eraser until it gets lighter in color.

Sadly, we've noticed that some familiar brands of kneaded erasers have decreased in quality over the last few years. Upon receiving a batch of surprisingly hard erasers from a former supplier, we realized we needed an alternative or two. We found this one, the SEED EK-NK1, and we're happy to recommend it to you. It's a soft, effective eraser made of white synthetic rubber, and it's generously sized, unlike many other brands.

Can we also take a second to appreciate the box design? The perfect typography and bold colors don't make the EK-NK1 any better at erasing things... but they certainly don't hurt!

Made in Japan.

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