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This slim, hardcover journal is a new way to record and understand any twelve-month period in your life. It doesn't matter when you start. Turn to the page with today's date; you'll see that there's a blank space for the same date in each month (e.g., the first page has Jan. 1, Feb. 1, Mar. 1, and so on.)

Unlike a traditional journal, where you turn past each day and don't see it again unless you intentionally turn back, the 12 Month Diary helps you learn about yourself by bringing you back to each date once per month. On June 5, you'll be able to see what you were thinking on May, April, March, February, and January 5. It's a unique and thoughtful format that's made for modern journaling, habit-tracking, and self-discovery.

The 12 Month Diary features a gorgeous watercolor wash on the cover, in your choice of pink sunset or green earth tones. Inside the sturdy hardcover binding, you'll find Midori MD Paper, made to handle any writing instrument from mechanical pencils to super-inky fountain pens. MD Paper is ivory-toned, bleedproof, and very lightly textured, for writing performance you'll adore.

Each 12 Month Diary is printed with suggestions on how to use it, plus a list of questions to ask yourself when you can't think of anything to write. There's a title page to record the start and end dates of your journal, plus lined notes pages in the back. The front and spine are stamped with elegant gold foil details. Textured, sky-blue endpapers complete this luxurious little book.

Measures 110 x 185 mm (4.3" x 7.3"). Made in Japan.

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