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About This Product

Aqua Drop Modern Mixing Set:

This compact, full-featured set of 5 Aqua Drop Liquid Watercolors includes everything you need to mix virtually any color. Three high-chroma primary colors are included: #200 Lemon Yellow, #380 Magenta, and #480 Cyan Blue. When mixed, these well-chosen primaries unlock a full spectrum of hues. #780 Deep Black and Schmincke Opaque White are also included, allowing you to turn any color into a pale pastel tint or a deep, muted tone.

Each color comes in a 30 mL dropper bottle. All are mixable with other watercolors and can be diluted smoothly with water. A white Schmincke box is included for storage.

About Schmincke Aqua Drop:

Schmincke Aqua Drop is a new liquid watercolor that offers brilliant, transparent color in a fluid format that unlocks novel creative possibilities. You can use Aqua Drop with a brush, of course, but you can also use it with your dip pens and in the Schmincke Aqua Liner brush pen (sold separately). You can even use the dropper top to draw and drip directly on your paper, which is a great technique for urban sketching and quick color studies.

Unlike many liquid watercolors, Aqua Drop is made with the same permanent pigments as Schmincke pan and tube watercolor. That means you can use it to create work for long-term display without worrying that it will fade.

Aqua Drop can be used straight (which is a lot of fun, because it's so intense and so easy to apply), diluted with water for pale washes, and mixed with any of your other watercolors. You can easily mix bright secondary colors with Aqua Drop primaries. We also like using this watercolor in thin, overlapping layers, relying on optical blending to create a range of tones and values.

Made in Germany.