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Caucciù Rubber Brushes

About This Product

Tintoretto Caucciù Rubber Brushes are short-handled art brushes made with soft, unvulcanized natural rubber—a material called caoutchouc in both French and English. This elastic, easy-to-clean, non-absorbent material makes a very interesting artist's tool, capable of moving thick paint, laying down sharp marks, and blending without brushstrokes or paint loss.

In addition to their value as paint applicators, Caucciù brushes have many useful purposes in the studio. Unlike a bristle brush, Caucciù brushes won't absorb paint, so they're perfect for mixing and transferring paint on your palette without waste. You can use them to blend dry media like charcoal and pastel, and with the pointed shapes, you can etch lines into wet paint or clay.

Available in three shapes: Series 508 (chisel), Series 514 (triangular), and Series 516 (conical). Sold individually—choose your size and shape from the dropdown menu.

Made in Italy.