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Classic Cotton Canvas

About This Product

This studio depth (3/4" deep) canvas from Masterpiece is a great balance between quality and value. Though it is not gallery depth, it is much better constructed than other studio depth canvases, with a nice, thick coat of primer over 7 oz. cotton canvas. Masterpiece Classic Cotton is stretched drum-tight and secured on the back of the sturdy frame with staples. The tension can be adjusted by inserting canvas keys at the corners. The fabric corners are tucked underneath for a clean appearance, no matter whether you choose to work in portrait or landscape orientation.

We are currently listing only the smaller sizes (up to 12" x 16") online because they are eligible for our free shipping for orders over $59. If you need a larger size, please email us at and we can provide you price and shipping information. We also offer custom stretching for special sizes, heavier fabric, or special primer colors.

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