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Dorland's Wax

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About This Product

Made from pure wax and damar resin, Dorland's Wax is a versatile art medium that has rapidly gained popularity as a sealant for watercolor and gouache paintings. Water-based artwork is difficult to seal with normal fixatives and varnishes, because they tend to pick up paint and smudge the artwork. Dorland's Wax can be applied without lifting dry watercolor and gouache, and when used in a thin coat it is nearly invisible.

When properly applied, Dorland's Wax protects water-based media against water damage, smudging, and dust.

Here's how we apply Dorland's Wax to watercolor paintings: wear a pair of clean rubber gloves, pick up a small amount of wax with two fingers, then rub it onto the painting in small circles. Work methodically from one side to the other, making sure to even out the surface as you go. The medium dries quickly, but wait 24 hours for full drying. After that waiting period, you can buff the surface gently with a dust-free cloth for uniform high gloss.

Also useful as a wood finish and oil painting medium, among other purposes, Dorland's Wax is an excellent utility player in the artist's studio.

4 ounce jar. Made in the United States.

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