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Daniel Smith Extra Fine Gouache, 15 mL

Daniel Smith has been the most popular American watercolor brand for years, but they've only recently started to make gouache. The core elements of Extra Fine Gouache are the same as Extra Fine Watercolor: gum arabic and high-quality pigments. Some manufacturers add fillers and other additives to make watercolor into gouache, but Daniel Smith simply adds more pigment and chooses colors with higher natural opacity. The added pigment particles thicken the paint and scatter light, creating a matte surface in your finished work.

Each Daniel Smith Extra Fine Gouache color is individually rated for lightfastness and staining. The entire range is opaque. Most colors carry the highest lightfastness rating, meaning colors won't fade for hundreds of years. We've highlighted the key facts about this specific color in the About This Color section above, and pigment information is available in the detailed product data below.

More About Daniel Smith:

Still based in Seattle after 50 years, Daniel Smith remains at the forefront of art materials innovation. The Pacific Northwest's premier color house popularized quinacridones for artist use, created the first commercial versions of key colors on the contemporary palette, and pioneered new mineral colors by creating the pigments from scratch, literally grinding down the stones and binding them in an easy-to-use traditional watercolor.

Compared with the other brands of professional watercolor on the market, Daniel Smith stands out for its dense pigmentation, matte finish, and strongly adhesive binder. Taken together, these three qualities make Extra Fine Watercolors the unparalleled leader in sheer amount of pigment attached to the page. Even without layering, and even on wet paper, it's easy to build up a completely saturated masstone of most colors.

Product Data

  • Color:

    Extra Fine Gouache, Cadmium Orange Hue

  • Lightfastness:

    I (Excellent)

  • Staining:


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  • Pigment:

    PY 53, PO 73, PO 83