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With this simple supply kit, you can convert up to five Preppy fountain pens for use as "eyedropper pens." Because Preppy has an airtight barrel and is inexpensive enough to use for experimentation, it's a popular choice in the pen community for this type of conversion. In an eyedropper conversion, the pen is completely sealed to prevent leakage. Then, the barrel itself is filled up with ink, with no cartridges or converters needed. Eyedropper pens can hold much more ink than other pens, and with a transparent barrel, they can really showcase your favorite colors.

This kit includes two packets of our favorite synthetic grease (it's actually food-safe and very easy to use), plus five silicone O-rings sized to fit Preppy pens. Simple instructions are printed on the envelope.

Please note that converting your fountain pen for eyedropper filling may result in weird behavior, including ink blots, feed issues, and leaks. This is very much an "at-your-own-risk" modification, and neither we nor Platinum will be able to help if something goes wrong. That's why we recommend using this kit with our least expensive fountain pens.

Assembled in St. Louis from components of global origin.

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