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Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Blocks, Extra White

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Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

Fabriano Artistico is one of the world's finest watercolor papers—produced in Italy from 100% cotton rag and shaped by a traditional cylinder mold at slow speeds. Only a few manufacturers in the world operate cylinder molds, and it's no accident that these few makers offer the premium brands of watercolor paper. Cheaper machine-made paper does not have the same grain structure, stability, or surface strength that's possible with cylinder mold paper like Artistico.

Artistico stands out from other premium papers because of Fabriano's proprietary sizing. Sizing is used in all watercolor paper—it's the material used to soak raw pulp and coat the surface of the paper. Without sizing, paper would simply dissolve when wet; with the proper sizing, wet media flow freely across the surface without damaging the paper.

Fabriano's sizing is special for two reasons: first, it's vegan, unlike the gelatin sizing used by most manufacturers. Second, Fabriano's sizing allows the paint to move more freely than other brands, even on dry paper. In our tests, we were impressed by Artistico's smoothness under the brush and its potential for on-page blending and lifting. It's much easier to lift pigment and reach pure white paper because of Artistico's unique sizing.

Another difference between Artistico and other premium watercolor paper is its outstanding value proposition. Compared with the leading premium brand, Artistico is much less expensive per sheet, while still offering the strength and versatility that pro painters demand.

This is Artistico Extra White, which has a bright white surface but is completely free of chlorine or optical brighteners. Colors absolutely pop on Extra White, especially since Fabriano's sizing allows for a greater amount of pigment to be loaded onto the surface.

Bound on four sides (except for the upper right corner, which is left unglued so you can peel the paper off the block.) 300 gsm (140#) paper weight. Cold-pressed (textured) surface. Available in a variety of sizes. Acid-free and suitable for archival use.

Made in Italy.