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Fluid 100 Cotton Watercolor Blocks

About This Product

Fluid 100 watercolor paper is an affordable, domestically produced 100% cotton surface for watercolor painting. Gelatin sized and produced at slow speed, Fluid 100 is a heavyweight premium paper with good resistance to scrubbing and heavy washes. Paint lifts more easily from the surface than when using tree-based watercolor paper, so you have more control.

Fluid blocks are bound on two sides so that the paper can't warp while you use it. To remove the top sheet, insert a thin object like a metal ruler and cut the glue on both sides, as shown in our photos.

Available in hot press (smooth) and cold press (textured) finish. Cold press is traditional for naturalistic watercolor painting because it creates organic-looking pockets of color. Hot press is better for precise illustration, lettering, and mixed media work using pen and ink.

15 sheets per block. Made in the United States.