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About This Product

Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors are the honest, high-quality student-grade paints used in college art classrooms and studios across the country. 1980 is the year of Gamblin's founding—a fitting name for a paint aimed at artists getting their start.

As a painter-owned and operated color manufacturer, Gamblin understands that beginners need good materials. It's a myth that beginners won't be able to take advantage of high-quality color right away—in fact, using poorly made paint slows down the learning process and makes it harder to transition to better colors later.

Gamblin 1980 is made with the same ingredients as Gamblin Artist's Colors—pure pigments and linseed oil, but with a lighter pigment load than the artist-grade colors. In our long experience with 1980 colors, we've found that they have excellent working properties, that they produce clean color mixes, and in general that they lack the disadvantages of lesser student-grade colors.

Compatible with all other oils and with the full range of Gamblin mediums, modifiers, and thinners. Made in Portland, Oregon.