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Golden Heavy Body Acrylics, Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)

About This Product

Golden Heavy Body Acrylics are the gold standard in artist-grade acrylic colors, particularly for artists in the United States. Golden is based in upstate New York, and since its founding in 1980, this homegrown American color house has pushed the limits of pigmentation and permanence. Long-term outdoor tests are conducted in the New York snow to determine whether pigments are truly lightfast, and Golden's labs publish detailed information about every product.

Heavy Body is Golden's signature product—a buttery, substantial acrylic color that retains brushstrokes and builds texture. Unlike mass-market acrylics, these professional grade colors are never thin or inconsistent. Golden uses the maximum pigment load that can be suspended in each tube, plus a highly versatile acrylic polymer that ensures perfect brushability.

Click here for the complete color chart, with lightfastness and opacity ratings for each color in the Heavy Body lineup.

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