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Golden SoFlat Matte Acrylics, Quinacridone Red

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About This Product

For pure, matte color on virtually any surface. Golden's new SoFlat Matte Acrylics are a contemporary alternative to traditional gouache, which has been a key tool for sketching and art education for centuries. But gouache comes with several disadvantages: it can crack when applied thickly; it has a tendency to separate on the palette; and it can only be applied to certain surfaces. SoFlat solves these problems. It's a matte, opaque paint that doesn't crack, adheres to everything, and self-levels while drying to create a smooth surface.

SoFlat Acrylics come in a jar—an unusual format for gouache, and one that immediately signals the differences between this modern medium and its tube-dwelling predecessors. SoFlat is fluid and completely brushable right from the jar, requiring no dilution or modification. For muralists and large-scale painters, SoFlat means freedom from the constellation of cups and pails of diluted colors and a more direct working process.

The fluid SoFlat medium is also self-leveling, a unique feature among acrylic gouaches and an intriguing one for artists who love smooth gradients and invisible transitions. The paint relaxes as it dries, allowing brushstrokes to recede into smooth fields of color. Portraitists will delight in the ability to create soft gradients and layered, natural tones.

Because SoFlat is acrylic-based, it's quick-drying and quite permanent. Compatible with other acrylics and acrylic mediums, it's a versatile addition to the artist's studio.

We stock this SoFlat color in a 2 oz. jar. Made in the United States.

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