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About This Product

Hahnemühle Harmony Watercolor Blocks are an affordable, highly capable surface for watercolorists of all experience levels. Harmony is an alpha cellulose paper with surface sizing, both of which contribute to its resilient, erasable, scrubbable, artist-tape-friendly surface. In our studio tests, we noticed that it was easy to get bright colors in one layer, which is another advantage of surface sizing.

Some artists prefer softer, more absorbent watercolor paper, like Hahnemühle's Turner or Collection blocks, both of which are made with cotton rag. But the type of 'harder' cellulose paper in Harmony blocks can actually be more useful for certain techniques, like mixed-media illustrations with pens and paint, repeated lifting, or extensive pencil drawing and erasing.

Unlike most other watercolor paper options at this price, Harmony is bound in a block—it's glued on all four sides, so it can't warp while wet. Wait for your work to dry completely, then insert a palette knife or thin ruler in the gap provided and cut your sheet off the block.

300 gsm (140#) paper weight. Extra-textured rough finish. Twelve sheets per block.

Also available in hot press (smooth) and cold press (textured) finishes.

Made in Germany.