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Heintze & Blanckertz LY695-8 Pen Nib (Vintage)


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About This Product

Made in Berlin by Germany's very first manufacturer of dip pens, the Heintze & Blanckertz LY-series pens were large, firm nibs with stub tips, meant for convenient, everyday writing. The design and craftsmanship are excellent, on par with any of the famous English makers, and this inky nib moves with surprising ease across the page.

Based on their origin in Berlin (after World War II, Heintze & Blanckertz pens were made in Frankfurt) and other details of the nib and package, we believe these pens were made in the Weimar period, 1919-1933, or possibly even earlier. The LY design and package were not much changed between the turn of the century and the Berlin factory's destruction during the war, so it's difficult to date them precisely.

Thanks to the protective coating applied to all dip pens (even new ones produced today), these pens are in excellent vintage condition. They've been checked for rust and other defects by our experts and are ready to return to service on your desk.

As with any dip pen, you will need to remove the protective coating so that ink will stick to the nib consistently. To remove the coating, simply dip your new pen in ink a couple of times and wipe it off. Repeat until the ink coats the nib completely and doesn't bead up. This process takes about 15 seconds and only needs to be done once, before you use the pen for the first time.

Sold individually. Made in Germany.

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