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Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

Hi-Uni Pencil, 9B, Single


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About This Product

Mitsubishi's Hi-Uni pencils are the flagship of a proud and historic manufacturer, and they are widely considered the best pencils available anywhere. The Hi-Uni design exceeds all reasonable expectations and handles every detail with elegance and seriousness of purpose. Products like this are the reason we sell art supplies, so please indulge us as we describe each aspect of this outstanding object.

We'll start with the graphite core. Mitsubishi's patented graphite production process is the heart and soul of every Hi-Uni. The carbon particle size is incredibly small and evenly distributed through the lead, creating Hi-Uni's signature smooth feel and generous laydown. No other graphite manufacturer comes close to Hi-Uni's combination of creamy texture, strength, and point retention. Even the harder grades are smooth, and the softer grades are unbelievably dark and rich.

Hi-Uni's core is encased in beautiful California incense cedar. The reddish color stands out immediately when you sharpen Hi-Uni. Then you'll notice the distinctive cedar fragrance, which, due to the high grade of wood used, is much more intense than other cedar pencils. Finally, if you're using a good sharpener, you'll see that the wood of a Hi-Uni neatly curls off the pencil in a long, continuous spiral. The lead is precisely centered in the wood case, so long-point sharpeners work perfectly with Hi-Uni and don't break the lead.

Although the unfinished wood is gorgeous in its own right, Mitsubishi doesn't stop there. Hi-Uni is dipped in an extra-thick layer of glossy, deep burgundy lacquer, which makes the pencil both attractive and super smooth to the touch. The company name and logo are stamped in gold on one side, and the pencil's grade is stamped on all six sides so you can always grab the right one at a glance. The back of the pencil is finished with a gold ring and a black and gold endcap.

This listing is for a single Hi-Uni, so you can try a variety of grades or mix and match them for drawing. We also stock Hi-Uni pencils in discounted sets of 12 with a free Mitsubishi Hi-Uni plastic case. Click the Graphite Grades tab to see all of our Hi-Uni grades and set options.

We strongly recommend Hi-Uni for writing (grades 2H through B), drawing (all grades), and loose sketching (grades 2B through 10B).

Made in Japan.

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    Mitsubishi Pencil Co.