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Horadam Gouache, 15 mL, #360 Quinacridone Violet


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We stock all 48 colors of Schmincke Horadam Gouache. Click a swatch below to browse, or click the Product Description tab to read more about the opaque, velvety colors in this professional-quality line.

15 mL, #102 Titanium White
15 mL, #103 Zinc White
15 mL, #220 Lemon Yellow
15 mL, #222 Vanadium Yellow
15 mL, #224 Cadmium Yellow Light
15 mL, #226 Cadmium Yellow Hue
15 mL, #228 Cadmium Yellow Medium
15 mL, #230 Indian Yellow
15 mL, #232 Cadmium Yellow Deep
15 mL, #234 Cadmium Orange Hue
15 mL, #236 Cadmium Orange
15 mL, #340 Vermilion Hue
15 mL, #342 Cadmium Red Hue
15 mL, #344 Cadmium Red Light
15 mL, #346 Cadmium Red Medium
15 mL, #348 Cadmium Red Deep
15 mL, #350 Scarlet
15 mL, #352 Carmine
15 mL, #354 Madder Lake Deep
15 mL, #356 Madder Lake Dark
15 mL, #358 Purple Magenta
15 mL, #360 Quinacridone Violet
15 mL, #460 Violet
15 mL, #462 Delft Blue
15 mL, #464 Ultramarine Deep
15 mL, #466 Cobalt Blue Deep
15 mL, #468 Ultramarine Light
15 mL, #470 Cobalt Blue Light
15 mL, #472 Dark Blue Indigo
15 mL, #474 Helio Blue
15 mL, #476 Prussian Blue
15 mL, #478 Helio Turquoise
15 mL, #520 Helio Green Bluish
15 mL, #522 Chromium Oxide Green Brilliant
15 mL, #524 Helio Green Yellowish
15 mL, #526 Cobalt Green Light
15 mL, #528 Cobalt Green Deep
15 mL, #530 Chromium Oxide Green
15 mL, #532 Olive Green
15 mL, #640 Titanium Gold Ochre
15 mL, #642 Raw Umber
15 mL, #644 Raw Sienna
15 mL, #646 English Red
15 mL, #648 Burnt Sienna
15 mL, #650 Burnt Umber
15 mL, #652 Vandyke Brown
15 mL, #785 Neutral Grey
15 mL, #787 Ivory Black
15 mL, Earth Trio
15 mL, Vivid Reds Trio
15 mL, Cadmium Trio
15 mL, Modern Mixing Set
15 mL, "Afternoon Sun" Set
15 mL, Botanical Brights Set


Schmincke Horadam Gouache is a professional-grade opaque watercolor with intense color and natural opacity. No white is added to these superior gouache colors; they have their strong covering power and velvet matte finish because they contain the maximum possible pigments per milliliter of gum arabic binder.

During our studio test, we were delighted with the indulgent smoothness of Horadam Gouache. It dilutes easily, without breaking, maintaining a pleasant body even when lots of water is added. Unlike cheaper alternatives, Horadam Gouache allows your brush to glide, not stutter and stick. Finally, we were impressed with the colors, which are easily the most saturated we have seen in any line of gouache.

With a bit of water, dry Horadam Gouache can be lifted from paper, and any paint left to dry on your palette can be reactivated with water and used again.

We stock all 48 colors of Horadam Gouache. Just click the Color Options tab to browse them all and start assembling your new palette!

Full technical details on Horadam Gouache are available in Schmincke's official brochure, which you can download here.

15 mL tube. Made in Germany.



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Horadam Gouache, 15 mL, #360 Quinacridone Violet

Horadam Gouache, 15 mL, #360 Quinacridone Violet