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Horadam Gouache, 15 mL, Botanical Brights Set

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About This Product

This exciting bundle of Horadam Gouache features five of the best brights for botanical and landscape painters. Both a warm and cool red are included—an essential pair for floral subjects, where the color range from purplish red to orange is so prominent and complex.

Because there are good primary colors included, our Botanical Brights bundle also works as a standalone mixing set. Although it's optimized for brightness, not complete mixing coverage, we've enjoyed making entire paintings with this minimal set.

The best yellow in the Horadam Gouache range—Cadmium Yellow Light, what else?—is included here, and that's always a pretty good start for any set. Try mixing the Cad Yellow with each of the other four colors to get a sense of the colors this bundle can produce.

The colors included are #360 Quinacridone Violet, #350 Scarlet, #224 Cadmium Yellow Light, #524 Helio Green Yellowish, and #478 Helio Turquoise.

Five 15 mL tubes. Made in Germany; curated in St. Louis.

About Horadam Gouache:

Schmincke Horadam Gouache is a professional-grade opaque watercolor with intense color and natural opacity. No white is added to these superior gouache colors; they have their strong covering power and velvet matte finish because they contain the maximum possible pigments per milliliter of gum arabic binder.

During our studio test, we were delighted with the indulgent smoothness of Horadam Gouache. It dilutes easily, without breaking, maintaining a pleasant body even when lots of water is added. Unlike cheaper alternatives, Horadam Gouache allows your brush to glide, not stutter and stick. Finally, we were impressed with the colors, which are easily the most saturated we have seen in any line of gouache.

With a bit of water, dry Horadam Gouache can be lifted from paper, and any paint left to dry on your palette can be reactivated with water and used again.

We stock all 48 colors of Horadam Gouache. Just click the Color Options tab to browse them all and start assembling your new palette!

Full technical details on Horadam Gouache are available in Schmincke's official brochure, which you can download here.