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About This Product

Released in 2022 to commemorate Kuretake's 120th anniversary, Meiji no Iro fountain pen inks are inspired by the fashions and art of Meiji-era Japan. In 1902, when Kuretake was founded, you might have seen these colors in clothing, decorative items, and—of course—inks.

Each Meiji no Iro color is compatible with any fountain pen, dip pen, or brush. We love their thick, rich consistency, which offers a smooth writing experience when used in pens and makes these inks surprisingly opaque when used with a brush. They are water-based dye inks, despite the unusually substantial feel, so they're safe for all pens.

Presented in a square glass bottle with faceted cap. Packaged in an elegant ink-café box with a traditional Meiji-era pattern to complement each color.

20 grams of ink per bottle. Made in Japan.