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About This Product

Kakimori made its name as a shop in Tokyo where customers could mix their own special colors of ink. So it's only fitting that they would invent a nib that's a dream for ink enthusiasts. The Kakimori Pen Nib is a traditional metal dip pen, meant to be attached to a standard pen holder, but it has the soul of a fountain pen. The smooth, rounded tip writes just like a fine fountain pen, and the Pen Nib's broad, curved surface holds a surprisingly large amount of ink.

For those with a large ink collection (and those who like to write with thick inks that can't flow through fountain pens), the Kakimori Pen Nib is a maintenance-free way to write with just the ink you want. Unlike a fountain pen, the Pen Nib doesn't need to be flushed between colors. It cleans up with a simple rinse and dry, so you can dip it in a different little bottle of magical color.

The line is fairly constant, with a minimal amount of line variation and a similar width to a Japanese fine or a European extra fine. The precise writing characteristics will depend in large part on the ink you choose. Kakimori Pen Nib works with all kinds of inks, including standard dye-based fountain pen inks, pigmented fountain pen inks, and shellac drawing inks.

Fits in standard dip pen holders. We recommend using your Kakimori Pen Nib with a Kakimori Pen Holder and Kakimori Pigment Ink.

For even more creative options, pair this monoline writing nib with the broader, more variable Kakimori Brass Nib or Kakimori Stainless Steel Nib. All three can be used with the same holder—just rinse your nib and swap it out as needed.

Packaged in a Kakimori gift box. Made in Japan.

About Kakimori:

Kakimori began as a stationery shop in east Tokyo, and they've quickly become one of the most creative and thoughtful product design firms in our industry. Drawing on a tight-knit network of Japanese artisans and manufacturers, Kakimori offers playful and poetic supplies that bring traditional media into the contemporary world.

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