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Kakimori Stainless Steel Nib


Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

We don't often see genuinely new tools for artists. More commonly, manufacturers announce refinements to existing products, new colors, etc., but the analog art materials business is a very old one, and it's often thought that there's nothing really new to be invented.

This stainless steel dip pen nib from Kakimori is a rare exception. We've never seen anything quite like it: a conical nib with eight capillary slits carved into the sides, capable of holding a surprising amount of ink near the surface of the nib. Submerge the Kakimori Stainless Steel Nib in pigment ink, liquid watercolor, or any other water-based artist ink, and it quickly fills with color. Then, you can write or draw for a long time before needing to dip again.

It's not just the high capacity that distinguishes this nib from traditional dip pens. It's an incredibly expressive sketching tool, because the ink is continually drawn to the variously shaped surfaces of the nib through capillary action. The ink doesn't run and drip; it adheres to the tip and the wider, wedge-shaped areas around it. As a result of this unique design, you can quickly transition between line weights, shapes, and flow rates by turning and angling the nib.

This fine-pointed stainless steel nib is the first dip pen we've ever considered using for everyday writing and note-taking, because you can fill a whole page in a small notebook with just one dip. That makes this a genuinely practical option to turn your best, most beautiful inks into journal entries and to-do lists.

Our test artist, who specializes in cartooning, also loved the Stainless Steel Nib as a surprisingly precise and versatile drawing tool. He used it almost like a brush pen, quickly defining both sharp lines and more painterly areas rendered with the sides of the nib.

Needless to say, we've really enjoyed our studio time with the Kakimori Stainless Steel Nib, and we're thrilled to be among the first retailers to offer it.

Fits in standard dip pen holders. We recommend pairing your Stainless Steel Nib with a Kakimori Pen Holder and Kakimori Pigment Ink.

For even more creative options, pair this precise, sharp-pointed steel nib with the smoother, broader Kakimori Brass Nib. If you're choosing between the two Kakimori nibs, we recommend the Brass Nib if you'll mostly use it for drawing and the Stainless Steel Nib if you plan to use it for writing.

Packaged in a Kakimori gift box. Made in Japan.

About Kakimori:

Kakimori began as a stationery shop in east Tokyo, and they've quickly become one of the most creative and thoughtful product design firms in our industry. Drawing on a tight-knit network of Japanese artisans and manufacturers, Kakimori offers playful and poetic supplies that bring traditional media into the contemporary world.

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