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Kaweco 14k Bicolor Gold Nib


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About This Product

A gold fountain pen nib is the ultimate upgrade for your writing instrument. This one is particularly special, featuring a two-tone design that combines white and yellow gold in perfect harmony. Kaweco 14k Bicolor Gold Nibs also come with a rich heritage—the experts at Kaweco have been manufacturing gold nibs since 1913.

Today, these ultra-premium gold nibs are still handmade, unlike the mass-produced steel nibs that come standard with Kaweco pens. A highly skilled technician in Bavaria hand-grinds each 14k Bicolor Gold Nib, so it's completely smooth and free of any little imperfections. The efforts of a Kaweco nib specialist add just as much value as the gold these nibs are made from.

Let's talk about the gold for a second, though. If you haven't used a gold-nibbed fountain pen, you're probably wondering whether this expensive tool offers a genuine functional improvement—or if it's just for show. We've tested gold and steel nibs extensively in our studio, and we can tell you there's a big difference. Gold is softer than steel, so gold nibs have more flex and line variation than steel. It feels smoother and more fluid to write with gold, and because of the extra flex, gold nibs also tend to run wetter than steel.

These highly refined nibs are available in all five standard sizes, Extra Fine through Extra Broad. Each one comes pre-tuned and installed in a Kaweco plastic nib unit. You can simply screw this unit into any AL Sport or other metal Kaweco that accepts 060 nibs. For plastic Kaweco Sport pens, you'll need to remove the feed and nib from their sleeve and press both parts carefully into the pen to install.

Comes with a Kaweco tin with special sleeve and foam insert to protect nibs that aren't currently installed in a pen. Handmade in Germany; quality checked by one of our experts in St. Louis. Also available pre-installed in select Kaweco pens.

Kaweco - Germany, Since 1883

Kaweco has been making pens for more than a century, and they've had clever designers since the beginning. The original Kaweco Sport was one of the very first pocket pens in the world, and its distinctive octagonal design is known to pen lovers everywhere.

We've made Kaweco one of our essential pen brands because they offer both inexpensive, reliable pens for everyday use and luxurious, handmade pens for collectors and enthusiasts. From less than $20 to more than $200, Kaweco has an outstanding pen at every price point. And they're all made in Bavaria, Kaweco's ancestral home.

Shop our extensive collection of Kaweco pens and pencils, including the latest limited releases and hard-to-find premium models.

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