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Kaweco Original 250 Fountain Pen

About This Product

The new Kaweco Original finally fulfills the #1 request we hear from Kaweco enthusiasts: a full-size version of the iconic Kaweco Sport fountain pen. Kaweco is synonymous with the Sport, a modernist pocket pen that's now offered in dozens of colors and options. Many fountain pen users loved the style of Sport, but wanted a longer pen that could accept longer converters, write comfortably without posting the cap, and make room for bigger nibs. Kaweco Original 250 delivers that whole wish list, all with an elegant new design that recalls the best features of the Sport.

Made from anodized aluminum, much like the classic AL Sport pens, Kaweco Original 250 feels solid but not too heavy, smooth but not slippery, with a stealth black matte finish that complements every notebook and resists fingerprints. The screw cap closes securely, and a gasket prevents any ink from leaking out. Unlike the Sport, Kaweco Original also features a built-in chrome clip that won't move around.

Under the cap, you'll find a Kaweco 250 Steel Nib, the larger and more dramatic of the two nib families offered by Kaweco. The writing widths are the same as the smaller nibs, but the larger nib and feed offer a different feel. The 250 nibs are springier than the smaller 060 steel nibs, inviting your handwriting and sketching to flow freely.

Comes with one blue cartridge and a black Kaweco gift tin.

Measures 5" capped, 4.7" uncapped. Made in Germany.

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