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Kaweco Retro Storage Tin, Short


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About This Product

This compact metal tin features a retro Kaweco design, embossed and printed in two colors. At about 5" long, it's perfectly sized for short pens like Kaweco Sport, AL Sport, Liliput, and pocket pens from other brands. You can fit two Kaweco Sport pens side by side, or use the diagonal slot for a single pen as a gift.

This is the tin that's included with all AL Sport, Liliput, and metal Collection Sport pens. It comes with a black paper Kaweco sleeve. The plastic insert is removable, so you can use the entire tin for another purpose.

Kaweco - Germany, Since 1883

Kaweco has been making pens for more than a century, and they've had clever designers since the beginning. The original Kaweco Sport was one of the very first pocket pens in the world, and its distinctive octagonal design is known to pen lovers everywhere.

We've made Kaweco one of our essential pen brands because they offer both inexpensive, reliable pens for everyday use and luxurious, handmade pens for collectors and enthusiasts. From less than $20 to more than $200, Kaweco has an outstanding pen at every price point. And they're all made in Bavaria, Kaweco's ancestral home.

Shop our extensive collection of Kaweco pens and pencils, including the latest limited releases and hard-to-find premium models.

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