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Kuretake Fluid Graphite, 60 g


Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

Kuretake Fluid Graphite is a new medium for mixed-media artists, watercolorists, and illustrators. Combining the familiar look and unique feel of graphite pigment with a versatile synthetic binder, Fluid Graphite can be used for all kinds of painting and drawing. On its own, it's excellent for monochrome sketches, since it can be blended and diluted with plain water. Even after Fluid Graphite dries, it remains liftable and workable, so you can refine and soften edges.

Fluid Graphite is also designed to be mixable with other water-based media, like watercolors and pigment inks. That means you can make a muted graphite tone from any of your existing watercolors by adding a bit of the thick paste in this bottle. The high viscosity makes it stronger and easier to mix into fluid colors. The result is increased gloss and decreased color saturation, which is a really interesting combination for low-key city scenes and landscapes.

Apply Fluid Graphite with a brush, a palette knife, or the reed pen of your choice. Diluted with a bit of water, it becomes smoother and easier to use with various tools. Applied straight, it's much shinier, and you can layer it to create texture.

When Fluid Graphite dries, you have another intriguing option: polishing! Rub dry Fluid Graphite with your fingers or a soft cloth, and the surface becomes much shinier, especially with a thick application.

Sixty grams (2.1 oz.) per bottle. Made in Japan.