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Keitai Kouhitsu #14 Brush Pen


Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

One of the reasons we love Japanese design is that even humble, everyday items are treated like they are special and important. Kuretake's Keitai Kouhitsu #14 Brush Pen is a perfect expression of this respect for the ordinary. The #14 is a simple, disposable brush pen at a very low price point, but it excels in both form and function and offers a tremendous value for anyone who draws, writes, or practices calligraphy.

Intended for Japanese handwriting practice, the #14 has a small, medium-soft tip that can seamlessly switch between fine and broad lines. It's a favorite of illustrators because it can be used to execute an entire line drawing by using light pressure for fine lines (like those in the distance and those that represent fine details) and heavier pressure for bold lines and black fills. The ink flows freely and smoothly, with a surprisingly luxurious feel given its inexpensive price.

The Kuretake #14 is also a pleasure to behold and to use. Made with a beautiful deep red acrylic, speckled with black, and finished with a sturdy metal clip and black endcaps, it's a pen your friends might be tempted to steal.

Please note that this pen is not refillable. Made in Japan.