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About This Product

New for 2024, Schmincke Liquid Earth is a vegan and all-natural watercolor, made with three different earth pigments that complement one another beautifully. (They also pair perfectly with Schmincke Liquid Charcoal, as shown in our test photos, and are compatible with any other watercolor or gouache.)

Use Liquid Earth just like your other watercolors—wet a brush, dip it in Liquid Earth, and draw or paint in textured, blendable color. The original character of each natural pigment is expressed in these colors, because unlike finely-milled watercolors, Liquid Earth preserves the texture and variation of the raw materials.

The colors included in the Mini Set of 3 are Liquid Chalk (made from limestone dust), Liquid Umber (made from specially sourced earth), and Liquid Sanguine (made from iron-rich clay.) As you'd expect from Schmincke, the colors dilute smoothly and hydrate instantly, offering a wide range of values and colors with just a few brushstrokes.

Three 5 mL tubes, one in each Liquid Earth color, packed in a mini box. Schmincke Liquid Charcoal is sold separately. Made in Germany.