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Logical Prime notebooks are a cult favorite, particularly for pen users—their smooth, bleedproof paper and elegant construction make these notebooks a great companion for your favorite pen and ink. Printed in soft green with a unique "dot-lined" pattern, Logical Prime is a nice choice for professional use.

Each page has a title and date space, plus a spot in the top right corner to number the pages if you choose. The 6 mm lines are supplemented by vertical and horizontal dotted guides, which help keep handwriting straight and offer options for drawing diagrams and charts.

But the classy cover design is the most noticeable feature of a Logical Prime. The dark blue chipboard covers are held together by a gold split-ring binding that increases page space and makes the notebook more comfortable to use.

Available in A5 (5.8" x 8.3") or B5 (7.2" x 10.1") sizes. Fifty sheets, 160 gsm paper weight.

Made in Japan.

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