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Mannen Mouhitsu #8 Brush Pen


Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

Kuretake's #8 Brush Pen offers a finer, more agile brush tip than other pens in its class. Made with springy synthetic fibers, the #8 brush tip can draw very fine lines with a light touch. With more pressure, you can smoothly transition into thick, saturated brushstrokes. Calligraphers, illustrators, and sketchers will appreciate the tip's sharp point and shape retention, which are often weak points in cheaper brush pens.

The #8 uses a fountain pen ink system; pop in one of the two included cartridges and the tip will fill with ink. The flow is regular and uninterrupted, without blobs or leaking.

We love the elongated, brushlike shape of the Kuretake #8, which gives this pen an elegant look and great maneuverability. The lightness of the pen encourages a light touch, which is helpful for making fine and well-considered marks.

Comes with two Kuretake black ink cartridges. Refill this pen with Kuretake or Platinum brand cartridges. Made in Japan.