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Midori Ten Year Diary is a stunning clothbound notebook that challenges you to think beyond the short term. Its unique format has 732 pages, divided into two-page spreads for each date. For every day of the year, there are ten short journal spaces, one for each year in the next decade. Each time you return to a date spread, you can see what you were thinking on the same day in previous years.

It's a journal that encourages mindful reflection and marks the passage of time. It's also an incredible design object, housed in a sturdy slipcover and stamped with gold foil on the cover and spine. The heirloom-quality stitched binding is durable enough to last for the full ten years of journaling, plus a lifetime of storage and reference.

Two bookmark ribbons are bound into Ten Year Diary, so you can mark the current day and another day you'd like to remember. Midori's versatile MD Paper stock is used for the pages in this book. MD Paper can be used with pencil, pen, fountain pen, and more without bleeding or feathering.

Measures 192 x 133 x 49 mm (7.6" x 5.2" x 2"). Made in Japan.

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