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Mussini Oil Colors, Portable Studio Set

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About This Product

This luxury 16-color set includes a complete oil painting studio in a handsome, dark wood carrying case. Just inside the lid is a traditional oiled wood palette, which tucks into a groove in the case and keeps the other supplies from moving around. A Schmincke palette knife is included so that you can easily move and mix colors, and three Da Vinci bristle brushes (sizes #6, #10, and #12 Filbert) are included for smooth and dependable paint application.

Both of the essential liquids for oil painting are included in two 60 mL glass bottles: linseed oil medium and a turpentine substitute for thinning paint and cleaning brushes. An Italian-made double metal palette cup clips to the palette and provides easy access to oil and solvent. A large Schmincke charcoal baton allows you to make loose preparatory marks on your canvas before painting.

Fifteen Mussini colors are included in full-size, 35 mL tubes: Lemon Yellow, Brilliant Yellow, Indian Yellow, Vermilion, Madder Lake, Transparent Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue, Helio Green, Sap Green, Attic Light Ochre, Natural Burnt Sienna, Pompeiian Red, Natural Burnt Umber, and Ivory Black. An extra-large (150 mL) tube of Titanium White rounds out this complete set of colors for any style of painting.

Made in Germany.

About Schmincke Mussini Oil Colors:

Mussini oil colors are the signature product of Schmincke, produced in Germany since the company's founding in 1881. It is the absolute finest oil color available to the contemporary painter, with unsurpassed handling characteristics, a wide range of colors, and a conservation-friendly approach that emphasizes permanence and stability in your finished work.

The experience of painting with Mussini colors is magical. It is the sort of medium that changes the way you work, introducing new creative options and improving the artist's control over the finished work. The world-unique recipe includes dissolved damar resin in perfect balance with a blend of painting oils (walnut, linseed, and safflower) tailored to each color.

The soft, pleasant smell of damar resin, derived from the sap of certain trees in Southeast Asia, is Mussini's calling card. Schmincke's chemists use natural resin in various proportions, depending on the color, to make each tube of Mussini luminous and glossy. The transparent colors (there are an industry-leading 44 of them in the Mussini lineup) are otherworldly. Intense and complex even when applied in thin glazes, these colors allow you to follow the Old Masters in building your work through subtle layering.

You will notice that Mussini handles differently than other oil colors. The resin gives Mussini a more defined paint body that clings to the brush or knife and allows for precise application on the canvas. Mussini is smooth and brushable from the tube, but with a little bit of painting medium or thinner, it becomes even more luxurious, allowing you to create perfectly continuous gradients and more harmonious patterns of light and shadow.

Since Mussini is a professional-grade oil color, permanence is of the highest importance. Every color is lightfast, with most shades carrying Schmincke's highest lightfastness rating. The unique formulation also prevents cracks and uneven shrinkage, which can be an issue with other oil paints, with a tension-free drying process thanks to evaporation of the damar resin from inside the paint body.