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Nichiban #241 Masking Tape


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About This Product

Stronger and slightly stickier than washi tape, but much more gentle and removable than cheap masking tape, Nichiban #241 Masking Tape has a huge number of uses in the studio or office. Designed for masking sensitive areas during the industrial painting process, Nichiban #241 holds strong and resists water.

Thanks to Nichiban's extremely detailed product information, we can tell you that Nichiban #241 is 8.3% stickier than the ultra-gentle Nichiban #251 artist tape. That means it can cause damage to the most delicate surfaces, especially if it is left on for a long time. But it also gives the #241 tape broader general utility. For example, you can't wrap a gift with Nichiban artist tape, because it will eventually come unstuck in that kind of application. This masking tape will stick in tougher situations and stay put.

Nichiban #241 can also be used as an artist tape in most situations, but you'll need to take more care than you would with #251. In our tests, #241 came off cleanly after being left overnight on watercolor paper, including the 100% cotton sheet we tested. However, we did notice some adhesive residue in tests where we rubbed the tape after applying it. This residue was easy to brush off and didn't damage the paper, but it may be a concern for some applications. When using Nichiban #241 for art masking, please apply it without excessive pressure, remove it as soon as you can, and peel slowly.

We offer so much guidance on this product because we hate tearing our paper. But if you haven't used Nichiban products before, please note that #241 is still much more gentle than most artist tapes and painter's tapes we have tested. It's just not as foolproof as #251 artist tape. However, we think some artists, especially those using less delicate paper, will appreciate the strength, additional width, and easily visible color of this tape for art masking purposes. (By the way, Nichiban calls this color "tea," which is just delightful.)

Made from washi paper and natural rubber adhesive. Each roll measures 18 m (59') long by 24 mm (0.95") wide. Made in Japan.