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Nichiban Careleaves Bandages, Medium, Box of 30


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About This Product

The studio is full of little hazards, and sometimes you need a bandage. Unfortunately, there isn't a single decent bandage on the shelves of your average American drugstore. They fall off. They swell up. They stick too much or they stick too little. They're hard to apply. They're not flexible, so you can't get back to work easily.

Nichiban, the Japanese adhesives company that also makes the world's best artist tape, has solved all these problems and more with their Careleaves bandages. Ultra-thin and flexible, with an adhesive that sticks better and peels off easier, Nichiban bandages just work way better than the American brands.

Nichiban says that Careleaves bandages "blend into the skin," which is a great way to describe how they feel. It's like your finger, with flexibility in all directions, water-resistance, breathability, and stable shape. So you can pick up your tools and keep going.

Thirty medium bandages; individually wrapped. Contains latex.

Made in Japan.

Here's a translation of the instructions on the box:
Precautions for use:  Keep the area clean and avoid sticking the adhesive to the injured area. If the bandage gets wet and dirty, replace it with a new one. If rash/redness, blisters, skin flakes, itching, discharge, etc. occur during the use of this product, please discontinue use and consult your doctor or pharmacist. To avoid damaging skin when removing the bandage, peel it off slowly in the direction of the hair. Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children. Avoid storing in direct sunlight. Natural rubber latex is used for the individual wrapping paper. Do not use if you have a latex allergy. Do not reuse. Replace bandages once a day.