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Nikko G Pen Nib


Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

Calligraphers, cartoonists, and illustrators swear by the G Nib, a type of flexible and ultrafine nib offered under several Japanese brand names. These pens are uniquely useful for precise work because they offer super-thin hairlines while also allowing the artist to press harder and make big swells and droplet-shaped marks.

Nikko G Pens are distinguished by their smoothness and luxurious flexibility; they can make both finer and broader marks than the stiffer Tachikawa G Pen, made by the same manufacturer. For experienced illustrators or those who want the greatest line variation, the Nikko G Pen is a great choice.

Compatible with all standard pen holders, including Tachikawa's popular T-25, T-36, and T-40 pen holders.

Sold individually. Made in Japan.

About Tachikawa & Co., Ltd.:

Tachikawa, founded in 1935, is Japan's foremost manufacturer of metal dip pens. Both the Tachikawa and Nikko Pen brands are produced at Tachikawa's Iga City factory, an hour east of Osaka. Tachikawa nibs are world-renowned for their precision, flex, and durability, and have been used by professional illustrators for generations.